What will the Academy cover???


Building A Brand

No matter what you do in business your personal brand is everything. You will be walked through exactly how to brand yourself effectively online.  These techniques can be used for any business and will greatly help you to increase your influence online as well. 

Social Media Mastery

Social Media Mastery

In these sections you You will learn social media tricks that have allowed me to get endless engagement on my post, which helped me to dominate twitter, FB, and Instagram. . These tools have allowed my content to go VIRAL constantly. Social Media is one of the most powerful advertising methods. 


The art to building a SUCCESSFUL store isn't as complex as most people think. You will receive Grade A information on how to find high selling products you and EXPLODE your sales very quickly. For those who have never been able to generate 6 figures in Ecom ..this will be the course for you ! 

CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing is one of the Easiest ways to make money online ... if you know what your doing ! You will learn various ways to have instant success with CPA as well as the best networks to use and the highest converting offers! You will get a first hand preview of the exact fb ads we post and A powerful campaign that we use. We walk you through setup and all you have to do is duplicate.... 


Bonus Secrets


Lastly, we will show include EXTRA techniques that ONLY you will have access to. We will show you our automation tricks and how we get SUPER Targeted automation to anything we want. You will also find out how we make post's go viral within the first 48 hours or so ... For the average person who has trouble grasping the concept of marketing this course is a MUST HAVE for you ! 


How Students Have Done....

Discover Our SECRET To How We Have Been Able To Generate $3000 - $5,000 Weekly By Simply Using A Smartphone or Computer!.

Paris Simmons,   Founder at Traffic Kingz Academy

Paris Simmons, 
Founder at Traffic Kingz Academy

Nasir Khan                                                                                                         Founder at Traffic Kingz Academy

Nasir Khan                                                                                                        Founder at Traffic Kingz Academy

"We started off STRUGGLING to make ANY kind of money online... and then something just "Clicked"! We went from struggling to get a sale to being able to make $20,000 in less than 30 days! We were never able to achieve these kinds of results before THIS!"

Documentation Over Explanation

***6 Figure blueprint**

Network/Affiliate Marketing + Ecommerce Results



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Personal Message

From Founders, Paris Simmons & Nasir Khan

Do You Want To Learn How to Make at least $3000 - $5,000 weekly?

By purchasing this academy you will receive membership inside our training mastermind and we will work diligently to help you have that break through online.
Once apart of this mastermind you will have full access to our weekly webinars where we will go over various training subjects from automation and finding targeted leads to communication and personal development etc.  These webinars will ALL be recored and uploaded for everyone to replay as many times as needed.

Lastly, you will be receiving personal instruction and guidance from me. This academy will not be like most trainings where you are sent some training videos and then you never hear from your instructor again. We have already dedicated our time and resources to making sure that we help EVERY student who is serious, to increase their results online.  Over this next 60 day period we will be working day and night to help each and every one of our student create an income of at least $3000 - $5000 weekly! Lock in your spot to gain Website Access NOW for a ONE-TIME Promo cost of $2500. ***Message Who Referred You For FULL Academy Access*** 

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